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John Doe
John Doe
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Great service and 'California' quality! Great service and 'California' quality! I'm really impressed! PayPal's payments makes the whole process very simple, it toke 2 days to be delivered in a perfectly anonymous parcel.I heard multiple times that in Europe we don't know how to make good vape pens like in the US... it's true until you try Vader! ūüôā
John Doe
John Doe
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Good buy for the price. Not crazy high but enough and very discreet. I can recommend. Smooth delivery.Datum van ervaring: 01 november 2023
John Doe
John Doe
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this company is solid. Like others i was skeptical, but i must say that everything went better than expected. I had an issue with the second order, but Vader promptly managed to fix it.Regarding other costumers saying that the oil is weak, i suggest to inhale the smoke and exhale after 10 seconds in order to maximise the results. In my opinion the oil is pretty strong.
John Doe
John Doe
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no wayyy Aggiorno, prodotto arrivato, ci vuole tempo per le regioni lontane, per dove vivo io che si fuma roba scadente al punto di farti passare anche la voglia, questa pen vale sicuramente il prezzo, per una singola persona è buona, quindi considerandolo un acquisto da fare ogni tanto va bene. 4 stelle solo perché non rispondono alle email. l'ultima email avvisa solo che la spedizione è partita
John Doe
John Doe@username
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They are legit They are legit . Got the stuff in 4 days . Great experience!
John Doe
John Doe@username
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A++++ on time A++++ arrived on time.Datum van ervaring: 05 november 2023


There’s nothing safer than buying online today. No more meeting strange people on the street so you can get your buds!

Possesion of under 5g of Weed is tolerated in most of the Europe countries and will certainly not get you in any kind of trouble.
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Get your dosage from the comfort of your home and enjoy the Premium quality for your bucks. 

We are completely decentralized and do not share any customer data, so your anonymity is guaranteed!

We handle every customer and package with utmost care!

We ship 100% secure and we have our ways. All packages come pre-sealed and water tested so even the smell will not get out!

Packages should arrive at your doorstep within 5-15 business days for most EU countries (this heavily depends on the destination country).

It is 100% discreet and we do our best to keep it that way. No hidden catches, no strings attached.

Due to nature of our products, currently we do not offer tracked shipping.

This provides enough discretion for our team to operate freely.

After you receive an email that an order has been shipped, you can expect the order within 5-15 work days (times may vary ‚Äď depends on destination address).

You can check usual delivery times in the next Q-A below.

If your country is not on the list below, reach out on our contact form¬†so you can check what we can do ūüôā

We ship inside whole EU. Check out the list of countries we ship to and estimated arrival times (shipping times can vary from the estimations in the list) :

  • Germany¬† ¬†(3-8 business days)
  • Italy¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Netherlands¬† ¬†(3-8 business days)
  • Austria¬† ¬† (4-8 business days)
  • Switzerland¬† ¬†(5-10 business days)
  • Spain¬† ¬†(5-10 business days)
  • Belgium¬† ¬†(5-10 business days)
  • Bulgaria¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Croatia¬† (5-15 business days)
  • Cyprus¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Czech republic¬† ¬†(5-12 business days)
  • Denmark¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Estonia¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Finland¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • France¬† ¬†(5-10 business days)
  • Greece¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Hungary¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Ireland¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Latvia¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Lithuania¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Luxembourg¬† ¬†(5-10 business days)
  • Malta¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Poland¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Portugal¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Romania¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Slovakia¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Slovenia¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)
  • Sweden¬† ¬†(5-15 business days)

You can find the composition in the product description in our shop.

We manage our own lab.
In order to maintain the greatest level of quality all through the production process, we screen and monitor all of our steps to make one of the best products on the market.

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We do offer bulk and dealer pricing.

Bulk orders go 10-100 pieces.
Dealer orders go with 100+ pieces.

Please contact us at our contact page

Using crypto is easy and secure for both sides! You and us toghether! 

We give an extra 10% discount if you pay with crypto. 

Discount is calculated automatically on checkout.

Here’s an article explaining how to buy our products using crypto payment method

Cryptocurrencies use encryption to secure transactions, making it difficult for unauthorized parties to access or alter transaction details.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not controlled by any single entity such as a bank. This can make it more difficult for hackers or authorities to identify people making the transactions

What makes Cali Weed so special?

Cali Weed has earned its reputation through its outstanding quality and strength. Cultivated in California with stringent growing practices and sophisticated techniques, it consistently meets the elevated standards that cannabis connoisseurs demand.

Selecting a good strain that will fit your taste is no easy task, so here is some more information on each:


Sativa strains offer an energizing and uplifting experience, perfect for daytime use and creative pursuits.


Hybrid strains provide the best of both worlds, balancing the invigorating effects of Sativa with the calming properties of Indica.


Indica strains are known for their deep relaxation and sedative qualities, ideal for evening use and stress relief.

What is Cali weed?

For any true cannabis aficionado, Cali Weed is a familiar name. But what sets Cali Weed apart?

Originating from California, USA, Cali Weed stands out as a premium cannabis strain recognized for its exceptional quality and potency. Widely regarded as one of the finest strains globally, it has garnered a reputation that resonates with cannabis connoisseurs.

Cali Weed comes in various iterations, each offering unique flavor and effect profiles. From fruity and floral nuances to earthier and spicier notes, these variations cater to a broad spectrum of preferences, underlining the versatility and appeal of this distinguished strain.

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