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about us

Who is Vader?

Vader began as a personal endeavor, originally not intended for public release.

The Genesis of Vader and Its Founder:

“As an avid cannabis enthusiast and a daily user, my journey in the cannabis realm has been lifelong, supported by my background in chemistry. A persistent issue for me was the traditional method of consumption – the act of burning and inhaling smoke. The numerous health risks associated with smoking, like cancer, among others, were always a concern. Additionally, the strong, pervasive scent of the flowers, whether in a bag, at home, or any storage place, was hard to mask. This often led to unwanted attention, either from law enforcement or curious onlookers.

Determined to find a solution, I embarked on a project to create my own vape. This was a hands-on process: sourcing the materials, machines, and lab equipment myself. I oversaw each step of production, ensuring only the highest quality at every stage, from the raw materials to the vape pens themselves. The investment of time and resources was substantial, yet the outcome justified every effort.

The final product is not just a vape pen; it’s a testament to quality and innovation.

I refined the formula relentlessly, fine-tuning the blend, flavor, terpenes, and design until everything aligned flawlessly.

The moment I held the first Vader vape pen, I realized it was too exceptional to keep to myself.

And thus, Vader came to life.”

Best quality buds for our customers

We strive to provide the best quality buds for our customers. Every bag is hand sealed and checked before leaving our processing department to ensure only the best of the best buds get in your hands!

Is it safe?

There’s nothing safer than buying online today. No more meeting strange people on the street so you can get your buds!

Get your dosage from the comfort of your home and enjoy the Premium quality for your bucks. 

We do not share our customer base with anyone, so your anonymity is guaranteed!

We handle every customer and package with utmost care!

Why consider Vader?

  1. Premium Quality and Potency: Cali Weed is renowned for its exceptional quality and high potency. Grown in the fertile regions of California, these strains are cultivated under optimal conditions to ensure a top-tier cannabis experience. Every product is a testament to the dedication and expertise involved in its production.

  2. Wide Variety of Strains: At cali-weed.org, there’s a diverse range of Cali Weed strains available, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for something to energize and inspire or to relax and unwind, there’s a strain for every purpose. This variety ensures that every user can find the perfect match for their taste and desired effects.

  3. Lab-Tested for Safety and Consistency: All Cali Weed products undergo rigorous lab testing to guarantee safety, purity, and consistency. This commitment to quality control means users can enjoy their cannabis with the assurance that they are consuming a clean and reliable product.

  4. Discreet and Convenient Shopping Experience: Shopping at cali-weed.org provides a discreet and user-friendly experience. The website is designed for ease of navigation, allowing customers to explore and purchase their favorite strains from the comfort and privacy of their homes.

  5. Educational Resources and Support: Cali-weed.org doesn’t just sell cannabis; it also educates its customers. The website provides valuable information about different strains, their effects, and best usage practices. This educational approach ensures that customers are well-informed and can make the best choices for their individual cannabis journey.